Things to do on Halong Bay cruise balcony

There are many different types of rooms in Halong Cruise. But certainly, a room with a private balcony is one of the most indulging conveniences one can ever had.
 Having your own private space to enjoy the view of the famous limestone karsts and the fresh gentle breeze is a fabulous way to spend in any Halong cruise. In addition to just the view, there are some really fun things to try when staying in a balcony room. Here are some of the top picks for favorite things to do on a balcony while on a Halong cruise.

Taking selfies


This is the most popular activity on board; you cannot miss this breathtaking background from Halong Bay. A balcony with a wide view of the spectacular limestone karst formations will certainly make a beautiful backdrop for your photo.


Afternoon Tea and Watching the Sunset

After many hours of exploring and visiting the caves and nearby attractions, a cup of tea, some fruits, and slices of cake will be perfect to re-charge and relax your sore body. What better way, and perhaps the best, is to have an afternoon tea and watch the glorious sunset on your private balcony.



Doing yoga and watching the sunrise


Doing yoga at your own balcony in the early morning to see the sun rises on the horizon and behind those limestone formations is just perfect. It’s a perfect start to your day, full of so much energy.


Reading a book

Nothing beats reading a good book, with your feet up, and with the most relaxing views around you…all in your private balcony.



Working with a glass of wine


Still, has unfinished work you need to do while you’re on the cruise? No worries. Working in your private balcony sounds perfect. Order a glass of wine, and you will be more motivated to work.


Buying goods from floating “mini” market

One of the unique things, when you are cruising on Halong bay, is seeing a little boat with a local selling much stuff like a mini grocery store. From your cruise balcony, you can buy some snacks and have a little talk to understand more about the locals and their culture.



Arrange a private dinner


Celebrating your honeymoon or any special occasion?  If privacy, exclusivity and class are all you want to mark this special day, then a romantic private dinner at your own balcony under a sky full of stars is simply divine.


Enjoy the view and relax

Last but not least, every single mile of Halong Bay is a treasure. Sometimes spending some alone time or special moments with your special someone and enjoying the magnificent views all around you is more than enough. That is the moment you feel relaxed, re-charged, and at peace.


Paradise Elegance is one of the very few cruises on Halong Bay that offers a private spacious balcony in all rooms. What is a better choice for a room with a private balcony is one of the most indulging conveniences one can ever have.

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