Onboard WiFi and Mobile Connections

Staying in touch with family, friends and colleagues when you are traveling is important. You want to share your experiences with your loved ones, as well as let them know you are safe and well. A strong internet or WiFi connection is vital for many — if not most — travelers to keep in touch with others. When you are cruising in Halong Bay, WiFi and phone signals may be weakened, interrupted, or unreliable. This handy guide will help you stay connected while you are cruising this beautiful part of the world.

Why are internet and mobile connections unreliable in Halong Bay?

All internet service providers in Vietnam use ground transmission (cables) which is different from the satellite transmission technology used in Europe or America, for example. This leads to the weaker transmission when vessels sail away from the port. As boats cruise further into the Bay, the connection often fluctuates or is blocked by the thousands of karst and limestone towers.

Is there WiFi onboard a Paradise Cruise?

Paradise does offer complimentary WiFi onboard but is not as stable as the WiFi connection from a cable network on the mainland. The transmitter is always installed inside the ship and because the signal transmits through partitions, it is weak.
How do I stay in touch with family and friends while cruising Halong Bay?
If you are relying on WiFi onboard your cruise, the restaurant has the strongest signal. If you need access to 3G/4G internet while you are traveling in Vietnam, you can easily buy a local SIM Card — data, calls, and texts — for around USD6 at the airport, post offices, and street vendors, and there is no need to register the account. If you have a 3G/4G SIM, the sundeck is the best place to access the internet because it is up high and obstacle-free. There is also better transmission when the vessel stops for excursions and sightseeing. In the evening, Paradise anchors overnight at Coconut Tree Island, where there is a stronger WiFi and mobile connection. You should be able to make a video call or use FaceTime during this time.

Is there anything else I need to know?

The electric outlet on all Paradise Cruises vessels is 220V, so make sure you have the correct adaptor for your appliances and electrical devices.
Don’t forget to bring your digital camera, smartphone, selfie stick, or handheld stabilizer so you can capture all your memorable moments and extraordinary scenery of Halong Bay and share them with your family and friends back home.

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