Vietnam Lifts COVID Testing Requirement for Travelers

Since May 15, 20022 international travelers will no longer have to take any COVID-19 tests to enter Vietnam.

As the number of infections and deaths from Covid-19 has decreased dramatically all over the globe while the vaccination rate is high, the Vietnam government has decided to scrap the pre-departure Covid-19 test requirement. 

Many foreign visitors think the test is redundant. 
American tourist - Mr. Miller said “I think Covid test serves no significant purpose anymore besides presenting a bureaucratic hassle for traveling.
In addition to the high costs, there was the added stress of finding out where you can get a suitable test, and getting it at the right time. Vietnam is my favorite country and I will definitely go back”

Vietnam already suspended mandatory health declaration regulations for both foreigners and domestic tourists from April 2022.

Despite the lifting of the Covid test and health declaration requirement, the Government asked the Ministry of Health to closely monitors the pandemic situation and issue guides on appropriate prevention and control measures.

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