In late September, Paradise Vietnam presented the Hole-in-one Award (HIO) which is a vacation of 2 days 1 night at Paradise Elegance Cruise for an excellent golfer Nguyen Bich Ngoc at Tuan Chau golf.

Golfer Nguyen Bich Ngoc excellently won the Hole-in-one award for hole 3 sponsored by Paradise Vietnam

With the excellent hit at Hole 3, golfer Nguyen Bich Ngoc won the Hole-in-one award with a voucher for 2 days 1 night at Paradise Elegance cruise - the top 5 world’s best cruises in 2018.

Golfer Nguyen Bich Ngoc happily appreciated the sponsor for making an impressive play area for the Vietnam golf community.


Mr. Lee Montefrio Palaganas - Operation Manager of Paradise Vietnam cruises said: “It would be an honor for Paradise Vietnam to cooperate with T&T Ha Long company bringing this Hole-in-One reward for golf lovers. This reward hopefully would be an encouraging gift for amateur golfers, as well as an individual prize that any golfers want to win”.


T&T Ha Long Company and Tuan Chau 5-star company cruises launched a sponsorship program. Each golfer playing at the Golf Tuan Chau course winning a Hole-in-One prize at Hole 3 sponsored by Paradise Vietnam (or in any competitions held in the Golf Tuan Chau course) will win the prize of a vacation voucher 2 days 1 night at a luxurious Paradise Elegance cruise.


Paradise Vietnam



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